NEW for the ROAD (Jan, 1954)

NEW for the ROAD

SUPERCHARGER boosts hp on standard cars 40 per cent, maker claims, gives superior acceleration, speed, and up to 200 per cent more reserve hp on highway. McCulloch Motors. Los Angeles. Calif.

MECHANICAL MULE, new army carrier, weighs only 740 lbs. Design incorporates four-wheel drive and steering unit. It can be operated from positions on or off vehicle. For use by combat troops.

TOUGH GUY made for rugged terrain climbs 50 per cent grades, runs through two-and-a-half ft sand drifts, turns in an eight-ft. circle. Shown In Paris, it has Dyna Panhard engine. 50 mph speed.

DURALUMIN is the predominant material in this sleek, shiny $10,285 Salmson sports car. The engine is the Salmson Randonnee and the machine’s specially constructed body weighs 1,200 pounds.

MANTA RAY, futuristically styled car has Fiber glas dashboard, scoop-jet type grill and three rear fins. Exhibited recently at the National Hot Rod and Motor Sports Show. Los Angeles, Calif.

  1. Hirudinea says: April 27, 20123:30 pm

    Is is just me or do the Salmson and the Manta Ray look like they’re going to mate and have a litter or minis?

  2. Hirudinea says: April 27, 20123:31 pm

    “OF minis”

  3. Toronto says: April 27, 20128:18 pm

    The Salmson looks like it just ran over a pile of pepper and is about to sneeze, but the Manta reminds me of an Electrolux.

    If I had to pick a daily rider (and lived in Pleasantville or Seahaven) I’d go with the Salmson. It reminds me somewhat of a certain Studebaker President I once bid on. I expect I’ll own a car again someday, and hope it’ll be a lovely slow-queen like this.

  4. Charlene says: April 28, 20124:54 am

    @Hirudinea: When a boy sports car and a girl sports car love each other very much…

  5. Charlene says: April 28, 20124:54 am

    And what does it say that the only thing I noticed about the first photo is that Miss Supercharger’s decolletage is crooked?

  6. Mick Canick says: April 28, 20124:47 pm

    Toronto, I think it was you that said you liked PDQ egg-nog drink mix (my favorite also) Ghirardelli Chocolates has some Egg-nog Christmas holiday candies that are reminiscent of that PDQ flavor. However you have to wait a few months before you see them in the stores.

  7. Toronto says: April 28, 20128:53 pm

    But one of the great things about PDQ Eggnog was that it was available 52 weeks of the year!

    We also used to use it (and Quick, etc) to cover the ‘flavour’ of powdered milk, which we relied upon on our mutli-week camping vacations/trans-continental moves. I *hated* the thin flavour of powdered skim milk!

    Once in someplace like western Colorado we ran out, and the only non-caffinated flavouring my mother could find along the road was a “Tom & Jerry” flavouring syrup. I must say, it was quite nice even without rum.

  8. Mick Canick says: April 29, 201212:14 pm

    PDQ is gone but at least you could get a taste with those candies.

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