NEW for the ROAD (Oct, 1951)

NEW for the ROAD

Motorcycle Car was built by automotive engineer Theron Huish of Los Angeles in one year’s spare time. The body is a reinforced aircraft drop tank; engine is the motorcycle type with a fan for cooling. Top speed is about 60 mph.

Stiltmobile carried the mail out of Texaco, Illinois, for seven years and the mail went through come hail, snow and mud. The chassis is a Model A Ford and the rear wheels are truck type. Front wheels were homemade to fit tractor tires.

World’s Lowest Car probably is this tiny German Recklinghausen single seater. It stands about three feet high. A small Ilo engine wheels it along at a top speed of 53 mph. It’s economical, getting over 72 miles per gallon.

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  1. iwant1 says: June 20, 20092:51 pm

    Imagine the “motorcycle car” with a modern fireblade engine in it,and the “stiltmobile”is one cool looking contraption.

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