New Fountain Pen Umbrella is Latest From Paris (Feb, 1929)

Just what I’ve always needed!

New Fountain Pen Umbrella is Latest From Paris

PARIS, the creating source of the latest fashions, sent this new fountain-pen umbrella to America recently. This very new device is merely a standard umbrella with a hollow handle. A top is screwed onto the handle, making it a container into which a regular fountain pen is placed. Truly it is a modern idea, for the carrying of a fountain pen is a problem that has vexed many of us. Women especially appreciate this idea because the average pen is too large to carry in the purse, while a small one is not large enough to be of practical value. There are no two items of personal property that are as subject to loss as the umbrella and the fountain pen. Here are both of them in the same combination. If one is lost so is the other. Of course with two such “loseable” objects together, the owner should be able to keep them at hand. The device cannot be distinguished from an ordinary umbrella.

  1. Eamonn says: August 19, 20092:11 am

    So what I’ve learned is that purses in the 20’s were tiny or that pens were huge. And that somehow writing notes with an umbrella is more convenient.

  2. Thundercat says: August 19, 200910:53 am

    Those are about what I got from this article too.

  3. Rick Auricchio says: August 19, 20092:52 pm

    The carrying of a fountain pen has always vexed me.

  4. Torgo says: August 19, 200911:58 pm

    This article was written with tongue firmly in cheek. The umbrella isn’t used for writing, it’s a hollowed out storage device. I suppose you could carry your cyanide pills in there too.

    I always carry my fountain pen in my shirt pocket – they’re smaller these days.

  5. Charlene says: December 6, 20093:27 am

    It’s a flask!

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