New German Developments in Airport Lighting Devices (Apr, 1931)

New German Developments in Airport Lighting Devices

TWO much needed aids to night flying have recently been developed in Germany. The first of these is the illuminated wind vane. The old type wind-sock was, of course, invisible at night, and almost so in daylight unless its location was familiar to the aviators using the airport. The new vane, on the contrary, may be seen for miles. It is erected atop a mast where it will be unobstructed by surrounding buildings, and carries a brilliantly lighted “T”, with the tail always pointing down wind. As Neon lights are used, it may be picked up in a fog long before the regular landing lights come into view. In the daytime it is easily visible because of the black and white striping on the tower.

The other item is a compact floodlight of 330,000 candle power, mounted on a trailer, the truck carrying a gasoline motor and 110 volt dynamo. The economy and advantages of such floodlight are obvious.

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