New Glider’s Propellers Worked by Foot Power (Jul, 1934)

New Glider’s Propellers Worked by Foot Power
A glider now being built in Germany is equipped so that it can be propelled by human power. When the pilot turns pedals located beneath his seat, power is transmitted to a propeller by means of bicycle chains and reduction sprockets. Although the propelling force developed is not great, it is expected that the glider will be easier to control than one that is flown without power, and as a result, its inventor says it can be kept in the air for a longer time.

  1. rev pj says: December 2, 200810:35 am

    Only 43 years later the Gossamer Condor took flight.

  2. StanFlouride says: December 2, 20084:09 pm

    Yes, it’s no Gossamer Condor or G Albatross.
    First, if it has a prop is it still a glider? Even though it is human powered it still is powered.
    Second, I think the extra drag from the prop would more than override any advantages.

    We know it did not work or we’d have seen it again and again. But more than that the whole configuration of the craft looks like it would glide like a brick.

  3. LightningRose says: December 2, 20085:29 pm

    Modern powered gliders are still considered to be gliders (or sailplanes).…

    Then there are also the foot launched variety.……

    But humans just don’t have a good enough horsepower to weight ratio to be useful as aircraft engines. The above glider would probably have had better performance if the extra weight of the propeller and pedal assemblies had been discarded.

  4. Torgo says: December 2, 20088:39 pm

    Was this one of Hitler’s earliest “gliders?”

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