New greaseless way to keep your hair neat all day (Jun, 1956)

Panda hair? Was this a common expression?

New greaseless way to keep your hair neat all day
Prevents dry, unruly “panda hair”

New Vitalis keeps hair in place and prevents dryness with V-7, the grease-less grooming discovery.

You never have an over-slick, plastered-down look. Try it. You’ll like it.
New VITALIS” Hair Tonic with V-7,

  1. Scott B. says: May 12, 20118:09 am

    “… with V-7”

    “V” being the first letter in “Vitalis” and “7” being the number of letters in the word, “Vitalis.” Clever.

    As for “panda hair” … I can’t even figure out from the context what that’s supposed to mean!

  2. Rick Auricchio says: May 12, 20118:44 am

    They still sell this stuff! And Brylcreem.

  3. Hirudinea says: May 12, 20118:54 am

    …And then the panda ate his head.

  4. Charlene says: May 12, 20111:41 pm

    Vitalis’s main hair conditioning component (at least these days) is polypropylene glycol 40 butyl ether, a name that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

  5. slim says: May 12, 20111:56 pm

    Is it just me, or does that guy have an over-slick, plastered-down look?

  6. JMyint says: May 12, 20112:35 pm

    Hey Rick- I still use Brylcream

  7. Jari says: May 12, 20113:47 pm

    Charlene, it can be shortened as “goo”.

  8. Charlene says: May 13, 20111:31 pm

    The proper abbreviation is “greasy kid stuff”.

  9. Repack Rider says: May 14, 20116:47 pm

    I keep my hair under control by tying it back into a ponytail.

  10. Charlene says: May 29, 20119:23 am

    Incidentally, did everyone know that St. Vitalis is the patron saint of genital disease? Someone in County Meath is auctioning his skull today.

  11. Hirudinea says: May 29, 20111:57 pm

    Charlene, I didn’t know you needed hair tonic for THAT hair!

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