New ‘Home on Highway’ Has Kitchen, Dinette, Sleeper (Jul, 1931)

New ‘Home on Highway’ Has Kitchen, Dinette, Sleeper

MOTOR nomads will find the ideal home of the highway in a new motor caravan which has recently been designed and built by a French engineer for vacation tours. Although somewhat unique in appearance, this odd vehicle, shown in the photo at the left, has a kitchen, dining room and sleeping accommodation for four people. And with all this equipment, which includes also a canoe carried on the roof, the weight of the mobile home is no greater than that of the ordinary automobile seen every day about the streets.

  1. Charlene says: August 19, 200910:55 am

    Wow…you can almost see the road through that windshield.

  2. Harry says: August 19, 200911:03 am

    Can you imagine trying to back this thing up? You’d probably need at least three spotters.

  3. Scott B. says: August 19, 200912:45 pm

    I wonder if, when it rained, animals were compelled to come up to it, two-by-two.

  4. Jari says: August 19, 20091:38 pm

    Changing the tyres must be fun. Are there even windscreen wipers? Those things seems to go from the corner to corner on front screens… Anyway, it somehow looks like the whole body was made of rubber.

  5. alan says: August 20, 200912:22 am

    “motor nomads”? You mean Momads?

  6. StanFlouride says: August 21, 20093:06 pm

    I like the racing stripe. It helps you know which end of the canoe goes to the front.

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