NEW in SCIENCE (Aug, 1951)


Uranium Test Kit designed to fit in your pocket, will make a positive identification in five minutes. Chemical bead is formed on wire, fused with crushed ore, then examined for lemon-yellow fluorescence under Ultra-Violet light. Menlo Lab., Menlo Park, Calif.

Dust Collector made from four tank-type vacuum cleaners measures soil erosion in conservation research at Kansas State College. The portable wind tunnel, rear, starts the dust flying. Samples are taken at four different heights in tunnel.

Rubber House is an inflated radar dome built by Goodrich to enclose aircraft warning equipment in the Arctic. Its use for this purpose was forecast by MI in its story How Rubber Fortresses Will Guard America, April 1950. Dome requires 1,200 lbs. of rubber.

Water Merry-Go-Round carries children or adults and is revolved by foot-power. Its Vinylite ring and six horses are inflated separately. It won’t tip with one rider. Deflated size is 16x16x4 in. Weight: eight lbs. Bilnor, Maspeth, L.I.

  1. Andrew L Ayers says: March 7, 20125:00 am

    Bob wanted to see if smoking uranium would give him that youthful “glow”…

  2. Jari says: March 7, 20126:56 am

    Water Merry-Go-Round: The cutting edge of science.

  3. Hirudinea says: March 7, 20127:51 am

    Rubber House? Is that anything like a Latex Condominium?

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