NEW in SCIENCE (May, 1950)


Static Garter protects you from static electricity explosions in textile mills, and chemical and munition plants. The device consists of a garter connected by chain to a contact pin clipped to the sole. Thus static charges are grounded to a conductive floor. Walter G. Legge, N. Y.

Window Salesman makes customers out of window shoppers. It’s a tape recording device which takes orders from outside by means of a mike inserted in the window. Practical jokers will find it expensive because it will cost them a quarter a shot. Gimbels, Philadelphia.

Magic Maharajah performs his fire-from-water trick in an effort to qualify as a full member of the Inner Magic Circle, a London organization of magicians. He’s the Maharajah of Jodhpur and it looks like he’ll be able to compete with the cleverest of fakirs in his native India.

Lip Service: no, it’s not a book of matches but a folder of 15 cardboard sticks tipped with lipstick. They’re disposable and good for a single application. A metal reflector is attached so that the ladies can do a good paint job. Made by Jan Morris, 271 Madison Ave., New York City.

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