NEW in SCIENCE (Nov, 1954)

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Two Dutch girls inject preservative chemicals into flowers in a Dusseldorf, Germany, flower shop. Chemicals keep flowers fresh for months.

These sight and hearing glasses, available in various colors and shapes, have a built-in hearing aid complete with batteries and microphone.

By top-secret forging and tempering methods Chicago blacksmith Leo F. Baker has produced knives that cut thick steel—without denting!

New Evans 6-Car Auto Loader uses split elevator ramp to raise three autos to upper level, will carry 50 per cent more pay load in less time.

Twin-hulled sailing craft, designed by naval architect Thomas Tothill. is expected to become fastest afloat (23 knots). Can’t upset, either.

For long periods of winter Germany’s “Island of Women” was inaccessible to men from mainland. This new sled-boat has now changed all that.

Betty Moss of Chicago plays a portable electronic piano that she alone hears when wearing earphones. Piano folds up into carrying case.

This plane-auto was dreamed up by Milan. Italy, inventor to teach flying. Plane reacts like a real flying craft when carrier car is moving.

Robert Benjamin. 24, shows TV attachment that converts black and white TV to color. Consists of a color wheel and 4 attachments to tubes.

New anti-lethal uniforms protect workers at Rocky Mountain Arsenal, near Denver, from the deadly nerve gas being produced at the plant.

  1. Hirudinea says: June 29, 201211:26 am

    Wonder how that TV converter works, it must read the NTSC colour signal, but I wish they’d said more about it.

  2. GeorgeT says: June 29, 201212:31 pm

    The color wheel was used with the CBS color system which in use from 1951 to 1953. Having a different number of lines and frame rate, it was incompatible with the then current NTSC black and white system. See…

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