NEW in SCIENCE (Oct, 1951)

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Real One-Armed Bandit was hand carved by Sundance Cravat of Reno to raise money for a Shrine fund. Like its less worthy brethren, this slot machine took in much more than it paid out.

Pedestrian Glasses are equipped with a rear-view mirror for spotting lady and Sunday drivers. Inventor Emil Meyer showed them at Munich’s Inventor Fair, insists they are no gag.

Miniature Oldtime is a half-scale model of the 1863 C. P. Huntington locomotive shipped around Cape Horn for the Transcontinental Railroad. Hobbyist Jack Collier gave it a Ford engine.

Mechanical Horse was built by George A. Bogart on a $10 bet with his son. Made of balsa wood and powered by six-volt auto batteries, this mechanized nag will pull up to 300 pounds at 25 mph.

Agricultural Warfare is being conducted by the British with everything from the streamlined, automatic tractor-type hop sprayer, top, to the strictly non-streamlined donkey spray rig, above.

Motorless Motorboat is built like a regular racer but it’s driven by a pedal crank powered by the feet of both passengers. It’s very popular with water fans at Starnsberg Lake, Germany.

Human Bird3 a non-com in the French Air Force, plans to soar at 10,000 feet over Italy wearing only plywood wings and webbed trousers. He hopes to be more successful than his predecessors.

Underwaterscope may be used to hunt treasures in Lake Erie. Inventor Peter McLean claims he can see 60 feet in any direction from the end. Tube is equipped with a 3,000-watt light, mirrors.

  1. Sean says: January 2, 200910:35 am

    Shouldn’t this be “What’s New in Hobbies”?

    They also don’t explain the tractor very well. The purpose of ‘streamlining’ orchard/hops field tractors is to avoid damaging crops. It has nothing to do with aerodynamics.

    for instance:

  2. Rick says: January 2, 200911:04 am

    Glasses with outboard mirrors for spotting lady drivers. Attitudes were quite different back in 51 weren’t they.


  3. StanFlouride says: January 2, 200912:15 pm

    I use a similar rear-view mirror called a ‘Take-a-Look’ when I ride my bicycle, very handy, clips on to the frame of my glasses and turns 360 degrees through 3 different axis.

    The ‘streamlined’ tractor is that shape because of the way hops is grown- on tall racks, close together. The streamlining avoids catching on the plants as it moves between the racks.

  4. Kent says: January 2, 200912:16 pm

    Leo Valentin?

  5. slim says: January 2, 20092:04 pm

    A veritable cornucopia of scientific wonders.

  6. David Moisan says: January 2, 20097:44 pm

    The FAF guy was obviously a customer of Acme–the only bat suits actually worn by bats!

  7. rsterling78 says: January 2, 20098:28 pm

    “…a non-com in the French Air Force, plans to soar at 10,000 feet over Italy wearing only plywood wings and webbed trousers. He hopes to be more successful than his predecessors.”

    Meaning an open casket funeral?

  8. Don says: January 3, 20098:28 pm

    I want to read more about the horse! Pulling 300 pounds to 25 mph with an electric horse sounds like quite a feat . . . .

  9. Toronto says: January 3, 20098:46 pm

    Don – I think the horse is either cantilevered or resting on at most two small wheels, inside the left rear and right front foot. If you look carefully, there’s a drive belt and pully on the rear axle. The horse is just for show.

  10. Don says: January 3, 20099:03 pm

    Oh. I see. How disappointing!

  11. Eliyahu says: January 5, 20098:41 pm

    I hope the thing on our birdman’s chest is a parachute, because he’s gonna need it.

  12. mickey says: January 8, 200910:01 am

    i find it amazing that even in 1951, people still believed that they could fly by strapping chunks of plywood to their arms.

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