New in Science: First Vibrating Pager, The Bat Signal (Feb, 1952)


Garter Buzzer
tuned to a transmitter informs the wearer that she is being called on her walkie-talkie. Receiver in model’s hand is only slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes but has a range of 12 miles, will be marketed when frequencies are allowed. Hoffman TV and Radio Co., Los Angeles.

World Biggest Doll is this Hopi Indian Kachina prepared for the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix. Standing 65 feet high, it completely dwarfs Miss Mary Ann Davis who poses near its drum base. Giant artificial feathers sprout from its headdress.

Seeret Weapon? No, just a super spotlight projector developed for German Sky Publication Co. in Salzgitter-Bad, Germany to beam advertisements on the night clouds. Called Astralux, it is 36 feet long, weighs 2-1/2 tons and produces 4,500,000 candle power. At an altitude of 16,500 feet an ad covers over 225,000 square feet.

  1. Village Idiot says: May 30, 20076:34 am

    I believe the “Garter Buzzer” has evolved into a slightly different, more personal type of apparatus but has not appreciably changed in its basic design, other than exactly where the user wears it. The pictured model seems to have hers set on “Max.”

    Now could someone please explain her hat?

  2. Kryten007 says: May 30, 20079:42 am

    Bruce Wayne’s the man and all, but that projector is several thousand times cooler looking than his Bat-Signal. Come on, WayneTech–don’t let those krauts beat you!

  3. Charlie says: May 30, 200710:02 am

    Maybe she’s auditioning for a part in Super Mario Bros.

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