New Ingenuities (Feb, 1936)

New Ingenuities

Pocket-Cleaning Device
• A MAN’S pockets are a catchall, particularly if he smokes a pipe. Since many pockets cannot be turned inside out, the dry cleaner has difficulty in freeing them from particles which might make a stain. Here is a brush and suction cleaner which gets into the seams.

All-Purpose Washstand
• OUT West, the combination fixture shown above has been invented. Its utility is apparent at a glance; you can wash as thoroughly as you desire. The cylindrical basin-drain is adjusted at any desired height, for a bath or a hurried refreshment.

Shimmying Packs Concrete
• AT the left, a new vibrator system for tamping concrete, to fill all the crevices, and insure the greatest cohesion in the finished mixture. It is operated from an air compressor; and hammers on its casing, sending a continued tremor through the whole mass. As shown, it not only takes the place of tamping from the top, but will work from underneath a heap of concrete, shaking it down into place.

Protecting Costly Displays
• TO show diamonds or even gold is a temptation to the smash-and-grab thief, who does not need even a kit of burglars’ tools. Electric alarms are fairly certain, but it may take some time to summon a watchman, while the thief is running. This apparatus at the right not only sounds the alarm but, the moment the criss-cross ray of light is broken, the relay drops the jewels and a strong steel curtain is slid over them, protecting them temporarily while the guards are coming.

Hurricane-Proof Shade
• A FLORIDA invention, combining safety with daily utility, is shown below.

Anti-Pirate Mystery Ships
• IN old days, a warship could not be told from a merchant ship at a distance, and many a pirate got “a bite” instead of a rich prey. In the Great War, the British had “Q” ships with concealed guns to turn the tables on submarines. Now the Chinese government has fitted up a steamer to trap pirates in coastal waters, if they try to make a haul of the seemingly helpless craft.

Scratching Post
• CATS must be manicured, but it is annoying to have them sharpen their claws on your trousers, or the wallpaper. Here is a present they will like, and keep them in good health.

Reading in Bath
• YOU can spend pleasant or profitable moments in a warm bath, relaxing and reading something light at your ease, with the invention, shown below, of a San Francisco woman.

  1. Daniel Rutter says: May 25, 20112:10 am

    “The book should be printed on waterproof stock.”

    So all you need to read books in the bath is a supply of waterproof books? It’s so simple!

  2. Stephen says: May 25, 20113:11 am

    The scratching-post is the really useful invention here. Speaking as a cat-owner, it’s vital. Though my previous cat, despite being provided with one, used to sharpen his claws on people’s legs as well.

  3. qyooqy says: May 25, 20112:33 pm

    I would love to wash my face in the foot fungus basin.

  4. John says: May 25, 20112:46 pm

    Hirudinea: Apparently that was indeed the first patent for a cat scratching post 2005817

    And I can’t help but notice that a lot of things are a “no-brainer” after someone else came up with them.

  5. Hirudinea says: May 25, 20114:25 pm

    @John – I guess so, I’ve had lots of great ideas but still don’t have any patents.

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