New Inventions Answer Varied Public Needs (Jun, 1934)

New Inventions Answer Varied Public Needs

New burners for gas stoves have openings in side of mountings. Boil-overs run past fuel openings and will not clog flame.

A bridge table beverage shelf keeps glasses and smoking trays from cluttering up the table. The metal shelf holds two glasses and a cigaret tray and is attached to the table leg.

A boon to husbands are these “coal sticks” which simplify furnace tending. The sticks are made of low grade coal, pulverized, compressed into cylinders and wrapped in paper. They are fed by hand into the revolving magazine of a new furnace which requires only one tilling every 24 hours.

New salt and pepper shakers resembling large cherries are colorful additions to the dinner table. The cherry proper holds the condiments. The shakers are filled by unscrewing the stem.

Turning small ice cream freezers is a simple task with a new attachment which snaps onto any freezer. Capacity load, three quarts.

Invisible photos are possible with a new liquid offered to experimenters. Image disappears when liquid is applied, returning when operator passes dampened finger over picture.

A portable brake-testing machine weighing only 32 pounds fits over tire of each wheel separately. The machine registers condition of brakes on a permanent record card.

Insulated flashlight cases for work around switchboards are now available. Circuits of 16, 000 volts cannot penetrate the fiber case.

A new type power mower makes grass cutting an easy task. A small four-cycle motor drives both the tractor and the cutting knife. Machine is equipped with both sickle bar and the common reel type mower and performs anywhere a man can walk.

Wash-rack chamois cloths can be dried simply and quickly with a new wringer which has a balloon roller to prevent tearing or crushing chamois.

A new type of adhesive plaster has a waterproof back-cloth permitting use out-of-doors. Sanitary and virtually dirtproof, it is ideal for surgical use where frequent washing is necessary.

An auto key duplicating machine requires no attendant. The customer merely inserts his key and a key blank; machine does the rest.

A steel wire dog brush combs out the thickest fur, yet is flexible enough to massage and gently stimulate the skin beneath.

A variable-voltage adjuster eliminates below-normal performance of electrical appliances by correcting voltage of supply line.

Editor’s Note—Information on any of these items can be obtained by writing Modern Mechanix and Inventions. Manufacturers are invited to submit material for this page.

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  1. slim says: June 24, 200811:59 am

    Somehow, salt and pepper shakers shaped like cherries just don’t seem to qualify as an invention to me. I wonder if they got a patent on them.

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