New Machine Makes 600 Shoes in Eight Hours (Jan, 1929)

New Machine Makes 600 Shoes in Eight Hours

SIX HUNDRED pairs of shoes in eight hour is the record set by the new shoe manufacturing machine recently exhibited at the Leather Fair in London, shown in the photo below. It resembles a gigantic wheel, the spokes of which contain the electrical devices which control the operation of the mechanism on the wheel’s rim. There is room for 14 pairs of shoes on the rim of the wheel. This type of invention is in keeping with the general trend of manufacturing efforts to increase the production of finished products with less overhead expense in both man power and mechanical power.

  1. Don says: November 19, 20099:03 am

    Where’s OSHA when you need it? That woman’s necklace is going to cause her trouble!

  2. Warren says: November 19, 20093:18 pm

    When I think of all the orphans that were put out of work by that machine, I just want to cry.

  3. Toronto says: November 19, 200911:13 pm

    Machines like that suck the living sole out of the shoe-making industry.

  4. Charles Warrington III says: June 13, 20101:40 pm

    First comment. At that time, OSHA did not exist.

    Second comment. You criticize that orphans will be out of work. And I am sure you also would argue that they are underpaid. If they are underpaid like you suggest, they will find a more suitable job.

    Third comment. Industries do not have souls.

  5. Firebrand38 says: June 14, 201011:43 am

    Charles Warrington III: Read it more carefully, the shoe industry has a whole lotta sole.

  6. Don says: June 14, 20106:10 pm

    @C-W-III: First reply — well, DUH!

  7. Firebrand38 says: June 14, 20106:49 pm

    Don: Don, are you scoffing again?

  8. Don says: June 14, 20107:18 pm

    Am I?

    I’ve been trying to stop . . . .

  9. Firebrand38 says: June 14, 20108:13 pm

    Don: I miss a good scoff. It’s been a mess of Sundays since we ran off them Mayans…

  10. Don says: June 15, 20107:54 pm

    @FB: Are they really GONE? Or are they waiting, waiting, waiting . . . ??

  11. Firebrand38 says: June 15, 20108:06 pm

    Don: Either way, Pardner we’ll be ready for ’em.

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