New Mechanical Aids for Busy Housewives (Feb, 1933)

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New Mechanical Aids for Busy Housewives

This new contrivance attaches to a milk bottle and converts it into a convenient little pitcher for the dining table. At right is seen Mr. “Pickadoodle,” who bends down and with his magnetized beak picks up pins or wire clips. His feet are springs.

Here’s the new “Tell-U-How” cocktail mixer which shows you ingredients for your favorite drinks, and measures contents.

Housewives with gas stoves will welcome this new sandwich toaster recently put on the market. It consists of two plates between which the sandwich is placed for the toasting. Manufacturers claim the job is done in one-third time taken by electricity. The square base sets over the gas burner in the toasting process. Note die ingenious ball joint for reversing the plates. Wooden handles give adequate insulation against heat from the flames.

Ideal for small apartments is a small electric washer now on the market which prepares the washed clothes for the line without the use of a wringer. Concealed in the top is a soft rubber bag which is expanded by water pressure to wring clothes.

Above—Bell on bottle of dangerous medicine rings warning. Right—New air-tight rubber bottle stopper which seals bottles of catsup, grape juice, etc.

Latest aid to milady’s beauty is this “Kurlasher” which curls the lashes to make eyes more attractive. No heat is required and the device is entirely harmless to the user.

New automatic baby feeder that may be adjusted to any height on the crib by simple twist of wrist.

A new kind of cover loosener is now available in the form of a soft rubber ring made to slip over fruit jar covers. It has a series of tiny teeth-like grips which obtain an extremely firm hold on the cover and loosen it immediately without straining the wrist.

  1. Githyanki says: February 19, 20083:57 am

    Something like the small washer would be great for doing small loads since for us single people.

  2. Don says: February 19, 20084:38 am

    Cap Snaffler snaffles caps off any size jug, bottle, or jar… and it really, really works! –Ron Popeil

  3. Randy says: February 19, 20089:10 am

    Ah, the automatic baby feeder. Nothing says “I love my child” like mealtime with none of the messy physical contact. 🙂

  4. Blurgle says: February 19, 200810:25 am

    What automatic baby feeder? The first thing is a thermos to keep a bottle of milk cool on the table. At this point in history, milk was delivered to the home in bottles, not in cartons (as we’ve been discussing on another entry).

    There was an auto-baby feeder a few months ago, though; are you referring to that one? That was weird, although I suppose if you had ten kids it might be handy.

  5. Blurgle says: February 19, 200810:27 am

    Oh, now I see what you mean! (hangs head in embarrassment)

    I thought that was a banana hanger!

  6. Stannous says: February 19, 20085:22 pm

    Most of these are still available (too bad the baby feeder/banana hanger is no longer
    around though).
    I found one of those mini washers at a flea market once, it worked great until the bushes
    in the electric motor wore out and I could find a replacement.

  7. Neil Russell says: February 19, 20087:06 pm

    The cocktail shaker is still available, there’s one sitting on my bar right now, there’s a remake of most of the neat stainless ones from the 30s

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