New Mechanical Devices Make Housekeeping Easy (Oct, 1931)

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New Mechanical Devices Make Housekeeping Easy


This electric ironing outfit for the home embodies a new idea, as the ironing pad itself is vibrated by a motor so that the wrinkles are patted out and no pressure is called for on the part of operator.

WHEN IS BOTTLE FULL? By means of the indicator shown above, vacuum bottles, lamps, or jugs can be filled with no fear of running them over. The cork float in funnel rises as liquid enters and shows when top of the bottle is reached.

SPRAY WINDOW CLEANER. A forward movement of the plunger in this window cleaning device throws a spray over the glass. Wiped off with a cloth, it leaves the pane clean.

DISH ON BALL BEARINGS. With the dish shown here, hors d’oeuvres are served in a most attractive manner. The dish rests on ball bearings and turns at a touch. Seven dishes are nested to accommodate a variety of tidbits.

BUMPER FOR MOP. With a rubber tipped bumper attached to your dust mop, you can shake it as vigorously as you like without breaking it, as the rubber guards it when it strikes against hard objects. Thus all dust can be easily jarred out.

VENTILATES THE KITCHEN. This door of recent design has in the upper section a removable screen sash and also a sliding glass sash that can be raised when needed and lowered into a pocket between door panels when ventilation is needed.

READ AND EAT. This simple stand holds the morning paper conveniently before you and leaves the hands free to handle food. It is finished to harmonize with any dining table setting.

LOCKS HOLD SCREENS. At right is shown a lock that attaches to inside of screens in place of the ordinary outside buttons. It holds the screen in place and locks it.

SOMETHING DIFFERENT IN SINKS. At left is shown a kitchen sink made of a metal that looks not unlike the platinum that goes into expensive jewelry. It is designed to give attractiveness to the kitchen and aid cleanliness.

BLACK BOTTOM COMES BACK. At the right is shown a new enamel ware that has a bottom finished in black to hasten the absorption of heat. Rim and cover form a water seal to conserve heat of steam.

ELECTRICITY DRIES THE CLOTHES. Below is an electric heater that has a clothes sweep attachment that opens its arms to provide room for garments you wish to dry. It folds compactly and the sweep is removable when heater is being used to dry hair or merely as a heater.

ICE CUBES THAT DON’T STICK. The tray below is made of saw-tooth grids of tinned flexible metal that molds the ice into triangular shaped bars. Pressure on the end of grid frees it from tray and a single twist releases the ice.

BABY’S DRESSING*TABLE. The canvas topped, metal framed table seen at left is designed for use in the bathroom. It attaches firmly to wall above bathtub and folds up out of the way when not in use. Baby, sinking into the canvas top, is in little danger of rolling off unexpectedly.

PROTECTS THE MILK. A milk dealer is providing his customers with a two-bottle container that can be attached to the wall with screws or stood on floor. It is made of fiber and is said to keep milk cool.

WEIGH BY CUPFULS. The kitchen scales seen at the left weigh cooking ingredients and give result in cupfuls.

  1. katey says: July 9, 20088:06 pm

    What house today doesn’t have Windex or a stainless steel sink?

  2. rsterling78 says: July 10, 20089:24 pm

    Wow! A lazy suzanne! And a screen door! And a table on which to sit a baby! And a kitchen scale!

    C’mon, folks, none of this was impressive, even then.

  3. Cole says: July 18, 20081:01 am

    screen doors and a lazy susan? hmm

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