New Mechanical Devices Make Housekeeping Easy (Mar, 1933)

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New Mechanical Devices Make Housekeeping Easy

TAKES OFF CRUST. Slowly pushing this tool into a loaf of” bread as far as it will go, removes the entire crust at once. This leaves the loaf all ready to use in making round sandwiches

TAPE IN PHONE DIAL CASE. A tape fifty feet in length is enclosed in a case designed like phone dial

CLOCK RUNS GAS HEATER. With the clock control device shown below, a gas heater is turned on or off. It can be set to keep the gas burning for any desired time up to an hour

PERFUMES CLOTHES As a flatiron is passed over the block of paraffin, shown below, it is lubricated so it moves easily over the clothes and as the paraffin is perfumed, a sweet scent is added to the garments. The sheet of asbestos, made into book form, serves as an iron rest

REFRIGERATOR CON-TENTS EASY TO GET AT Bottles, jars, pots, butter, eggs, or any small item can be placed on this revolving table which fits in the refrigerator. They are then easily accessible as the table will swing them within your reach

LIGHT IN FLAT-IRON. The illustration at the right shows how a light is permanently attached to a flatiron and provides enough illumination to work by without turning on additional bulbs. The switches for controlling the iron and the light are conveniently placed

ROAST YOUR OWN COFFEE. Green beans of coffee are placed in this electric roaster, the timing switch set, and the machine automatically roasts the beans so the housewife can always serve fresh coffee

STOPPER MIXES DRINK. This stopper not only keeps the bottle tightly sealed but it also does the mixing and serving. Pressure on top of cap forces the contents into a glass

SERVES ICE CUBES. A perforated disc set inside this pail, lifts ice cubes when the handle is raised, making it easy to remove them. Cubes can be stored in the pail until they’re needed

WASHES THE AIR In the air conditioner seen in circle, the air in the home is humidified and at the same time all dust and dirt particles are removed, making it possible to have in the home during winter approximately the same atmospheric conditions as in summer

SPRAY HOSE DISAPPEARS. Compactly de-signed, this kitchen sink has two compartments and a spray hose that pulls out of the rear ledge for use and disappears into it when it is released

PROTECTS YOUR FOOD. Cellophane envelopes of various sizes are now procurable for use in protecting food so its flavor is kept

KEEPS THE BUTTER COOL. Made of metal and glass, this drawer hooks to wire shelf in refrigerator and protects the butter. Glass portion of container slides forward

HOOKS FOR WALL PANEL Slots in this wall panel hold any combination of hooks in place and can be spaced to suit size of articles

PUNCH OPENS CANS. Evaporated milk cans, vacuum sealed food cans, and jars are opened with this punch

PAPER BAG FOR ICE CREAM. Insula-tion converts this ordinary paper bag into an ice cream carrier, keeping it cool for hours. It also keeps cooked foods hot

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