new on the road (Apr, 1948)

new on the road

Parking Gage sounds a buzzer when you back too close to the curb. Hub caps and tire walls are protected by two, six-inch springs which close circuit when they touch curb.

Puncture-Proof Tire has nails, ice picks and a chisel driven into it to prove its toughness. Chicago police also riddled it with bullets with no effect. This tire can take it.

Talkie Cycle employs FM, eliminating “dead spots” such as under bridges, which occur with standard short wave. It will even operate in a thunderstorm. Antenna is 18 inches long. The set weighs only 27 pounds. It is expected to speed up police operations.

Bike Motor for standard balloon tire bicycles, has 3-1/2 hp, cruises at 35 mph, gets 100 miles per gallon. It features a multiple plate dry disc clutch.

  1. Sean says: October 13, 20114:07 am

    That curb sensor’s pretty neat. Wonder why it didn’t catch on?

  2. Retro Hound says: October 13, 20118:57 am

    We’re still waiting for the puncture proof tire to be the norm.

  3. Jari says: October 13, 20119:56 am

    Sean: Unnecessary complicated, when a simple curb feeler would do. Which did catch on during the 50’s.…

  4. Sean says: October 13, 201110:04 am

    Cool. Never seen those before. I might get a set whenever I have a car worth caring about.

  5. Andrew L. Ayers says: October 13, 201110:49 am

    @Retro Hound, Sean:

    I’m still waiting for Amerityre to release an automobile tire. I have no doubt that it would work; I have a set of their tires on my bicycle (plus one on my wheelbarrow) – they feel and act just like a regular tire and innertube. In other words, it doesn’t feel like you are slogging thru mush like you see with other “solid” tires.

    Although – I do have an idea as to why they haven’t released an automobile tire, and it has to do with the way their bike tires act: Any extreme deformation of the tire can lead to the tire coming off the rim (I learned this the hard way, unfortunately). Under normal bicycle riding conditions, this isn’t really an issue; let’s just say they aren’t meant for more extreme mountain biking and leave it there.

    Automobile tires, even in normal driving, suffer from severe deformation events – mainly during turns and hard braking (or both at the same time). The sidewall of a normal inflated tire can bend an extreme amount without the tire deflating or coming off the rim; I doubt that the Amertyre tire can do this, currently.

    Hopefully, they are working on solving this problem…

  6. Terry says: October 13, 20111:40 pm

    I remember as a kid on our car we had the feelers, and they actually worked. Not sure why they disappeared.

  7. Jari says: October 13, 20112:09 pm

    Terry: Whitewall tires and big hubcaps went out of vogue in the 60’s, so you didn’t have to be worried about scuffing and denting them to the curbs anymore. Basically they became obsolete.

  8. Hirudinea says: October 13, 20119:37 pm

    @ Jari – I still want car whiskers, just make them ultrasonic.

  9. George says: October 14, 201111:18 am

    My father had them on his 35 foot long 1959 DeSoto, but there were no sensors, just listen for the scraping sound.

  10. yoda says: January 7, 201211:12 pm

    @Jari; Alloy wheels with low-profile tires can get just as messed up, and generally are closer to flush with the body than on the narrow-tracked ’50s behemoths.

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