NEW on the ROAD (Jan, 1950)

NEW on the ROAD

Rolling Home had long been the vehicular dream of Paul Prigg of Miami. Then one day he decided he would stop dreaming and make the thing. Here it is! It’s built of aluminum on a Packard chassis and motor with special heavy-duty springs. It sleeps four, has hot and cold water, closets, cabinets and, in fact, just about everything a couple would want in a home. The living room can be separated from the driving compartment by sliding curtains. Its day-couch converts into a full-size bed. How much? Prigg says his home can be built to sell for almost $4,000.

Three-Way Mirror enables drivers to see cars to their right and left as well as straight behind. It’s really a series of five mirrors mounted on sponge rubber in a curved metal frame. Total area of mirror is 70 square inches and its arc of vision is 160 degrees. It is called Wyd-Vue by Am-Ben Corp., of Belmont Ave., Chicago and will sell for $7.50 in accessory stores.

  1. experiment 626 says: August 2, 20126:36 am

    I’d rather have this

  2. Rick Auricchio says: August 2, 20121:21 pm

    Love the mirror. Now we know what started the trend for all those hot-rod owners of Datsun 510s I used to see in San Jose…

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