NEW on the ROAD (Mar, 1950)

NEW on the ROAD

De-icing Fluid clears sleet and frost from your windshield. You just squeeze the flexible Bakelite atomizer and the liquid is forced out in a fine spray. It turns frost into slush which your windshield wiper can quickly clear away. Birma Mfg. Company, Buffalo 14, New York.

Minibyke can solve your motorcycle parking problems. Just pick it up, tuck it under your arm and squeeze it into the smallest spaces. This aluminum cycle weighs 90 pounds, does 200 miles on a gallon with a top speed of 50 mph. British Info. Service, Rockefeller Plaza, N. Y. C.

Bed Bike will appeal especially to lazy cyclists—those who like to lie down on the job. There are two comfortable sponge rubber “seats” and pedals in the rear. It was constructed for exhibition at a recent Paris fair by bicycle enthusiast Pierre Bourguignon of Houilles, France.

Speedometer Light, bottom, for your motorcycle is simply a plastic strip which channels illumination from the headlight to the speedometer dial. Ammeter, below, lets you know for sure ii your cycle’s battery is charging. Both Harley Davidson Motor Co., Milwaukee, Wisc.

  1. Hirudinea says: February 19, 20139:16 am

    I think that “Bed Bike” is meant to be a racing bike, the stupidest racing bike ever made.

  2. Stephen says: February 20, 20133:26 am

    This was a few years after there were experiments with “prone piloting” for fighter aircraft – though that did at least have the excuse that if you’re pulling a 5g turn, you’re less likely to pass out if you’re lying face down. In both cases, the fundamental problem is that when you’re in that position you can’t look round to see what’s behind you. Recumbent bikes do exist, but with the cyclist face UP, and with the head at an angle such that it is possible to see all around. Pretty much all she can see is the road surface, which will be where she ends up the first time she reaches a junction and can’t see what’s coming.

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