New Phone Attachment Dials Numbers Wanted (Oct, 1937)

New Phone Attachment Dials Numbers Wanted
Twelve numbers frequently called are automatically dialed on a telephone by a new mechanical attachment. When the user sets a pointer at a desired number and presses a lever, the apparatus spins the dial.

  1. Neil Russell says: November 22, 20079:15 am

    This looks like it could have been popular in a Vegas hotel room. “I’ve been playing this thing all night and it hasn’t paid off yet!”

    It does make me miss that long lost sound of the phone being dialed and being able to twirl the cord with your finger.

  2. Stannous says: November 22, 200710:49 am

    belongs in Origins-
    The first device that will lead to not remembering anyone’s phone number.

  3. Mike Brisendine says: November 23, 20076:23 am

    Hmm…old school speed dial.

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