New Phonograph Record Plays Half Hour Music Program (Feb, 1932)

New Phonograph Record Plays Half Hour Music Program

THE phonograph, long overshadowed by the radio, now promises to come back into popularity, thanks to the development of an improved type of phonograph record recently introduced. Capable of running for a full half hour, the new long-playing record reproduces entire symphonies and vaudeville and musical comedy acts with-out the necessity of changing the discs.

The long-playing feature is obtained by slowing down the turn-table speed 78 to 33 -1/ rpm., and by introducing almost double the number of grooves in the playing surface. The new discs are made from a composition called Vitrolac, which permits placing finer grooves in the record.

The slower turn-table speed for playing the new records is obtained by the use of a special gear shift arrangement, which can be installed in any electric phonograph. The needles are chromium plated.

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  1. mark says: October 11, 20107:42 am

    Found an old VitroLac Record in the original sleeve that was used to make a recording of a commerical for Fels Naptha Soap back in 1936 . The record has 3 additional holes in the middle

    Does anyone have an idea of who might want one of these in their collection. Appears this recording medium was not a big seller during the depression era.

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