NEW Process! BUST CREAM (Aug, 1954)



Unconditionally Guaranteed

If you want body beauty see how EXTRA Hormones may help you. Each jar of La Form contains 60,000 Int. Units of important Estrone activity with comforting:, helpful lanolin. Your money refunded if not satisfied. Sent in plain wrapper. 30 days’ supply, including: Federal Tax and postage, $3.00— $3.50 C.O.D. Print name plainly.

LA FORM CO., Dept. 38

  1. Stephen says: August 30, 20115:21 am

    And if you’ll believe that you’ll believe anything. This company’s spiritual descendants now market their creams by spam email, which is much cheaper than taking out space in a magazine.

  2. Charlene says: August 30, 20115:37 am

    You too can look like Mamie Eisenhower!

  3. Sean says: August 30, 20118:00 am

    As a sheep farmer, I highly support the use of lanolin in every possible product, whether helpful or not!

  4. tb says: August 30, 20118:38 am

    I remember seeing these ads along with the miracle sea horses and the Chihuahua that would fit in a teacup. Guess the creme wasn’t too successful judging by the amount of implants installed every year. “Did she or didn’t she?” is no longer a variation of the slogan referring to hair dye.

  5. Hirudinea says: August 30, 20119:19 am

    I’ed just like to say if any of you ladies out there are thinking of trying this product I’m more than willing to help you in putting it on, hey, I’m just that kinda guy! 🙂

  6. Devak says: August 30, 20118:33 pm

    My neighbor lady had some of this when I was sixteen. I mowed her lawn and had to use the bathroom. There it was on the counter. I tried a dab below the belt. It didn’t do anything. What a disappointment. Certainly not worth three dollars.

  7. G. L. Tyrebyter says: August 30, 201110:31 pm

    Firesign Theater did a great take on this in 1983.…

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