NEW PRODUCTS (Nov, 1955)

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1. Kwik-Sand unit tits drill presses, lathes, etc. Standard 5-inch abrasive disks can be clamped onto unit in a matter of seconds.

2. TV Duette replaces small, side mounted speaker, resulting in increased frequency range; can be used for other hi-fi units.

3. Portable hi-fi speaker enclosure, designed for outdoor use. Fiberglas insulated bass reflex compartment for 8 or 12-inch speakers.

5. Hardwood legs, in various lengths, for straight or flare mounting. Steel bracket screws into furniture, legs fasten to bracket.

4. The 400 Devco slide rule pencil handles like conventional slide rule. The pencil, six inches long, comes in the 6 or 8 scale.

6. Bi-Focal magnifying glass has 2×4 inch lens with 2.5X magnification. Round lens inset in comer gives 5X magnification.

7. Cig-O-Mat plugs into auto lighter socket, replacing regular lighter. By pressing on button, inserted cigarette will light up.

8. The Kodak Pony 135 has an Anaston 1-3.5 lens; 1/300 sec. top speed. No-thread loading, automatic film stop, exposure counter.

9. Everything for the junior mechanic is included in the Tow’n Fixit Kit: wrenches, hammer, pliers, screwdriver and tow rope.

11. Pow-R-Mite, made of aluminum, is capable of shooting 150 yards. Intended for small game, it will penetrate a fox at 30 yds.

10. Travel Visette fastens to any car visor. It contains zipper pocket for maps and papers, a sun glass case, pencil and memo pad.

12. Pot-A-Wall tire sidewalls are held in place between rim flange and tire bead. Will give black tire a white or colored wall.

13. Pre-cut kit for a metal-framed work bench can be assembled in 30 minutes. Plywood panels for top are not included in kit.

14. Handy-Dandy reseals bottles factory tight with original cap. It is also a bottle opener, can piercer, lid and cap lifter.

IS. Shape-Skrape. a contour scraping tool with six differently shaped steel blades. Photo above shows shapes of the metal blades.

17. This high speed 6-1/2-inch circular saw will cut Masonite. sheet metal, wood. etc. Motor is AC-DC 25 to 60 eye.; 5 amp at 115 v.

16. Single-unit, multi-purpose power tool with instant changeover from an 8-inch saw to a jointer or sander, by turn of a wheel.

18. Office Pal will moisten and seal the flap of an envelope with one motion. The small lightweight unit fits in palm of hand.

19. The Hone-Rite knife sharpener will give you oil honed knives. Guide slots hold knife at proper angle while blade sits in oil bath.

20. Carburetor attachment eliminates vapor lock and improves engine operation. Unit comes in kit form for easy installation.

21. The Power Handle can be fitted on, and will operate. Toro’s edge-trimmer, lawn mower, rotary mower, 17-inch snow plow.

23. Tabs, a detergent concentrate for automatic windshield washers. The tablet dissolves in the water of the car’s washer jar.

22. A Walking Stick Geiger Counter, weighs three pounds, is 40 inches long. Unit runs on a snap-in transistorized power supply.

24. The Hi-Lok hammer comes with interchangeable heads of: aluminum, brass, copper, two types of nylon, three of plastic.

  1. Nomen Nescio says: February 20, 201211:00 am

    can’t really say i’ve ever used a walking stick or a geiger counter. obviously, combining them into one unit is the perfect idea.

  2. Hirudinea says: February 20, 20123:13 pm

    Gotta like the slide-rule pencie, total 50’s geek pr0n!

  3. revpj says: February 20, 20128:01 pm

    I wasn’t aware of fox penetration as a measure of crossbow power.

  4. Jayessell says: February 21, 20124:40 pm

    #2: I have a version of this on a shelf somewhere.
    It’s meant to be PC speakers the CRT monitor sits on.

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