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Hume workshop hobbyists who own drill presses will find the new auxiliary work table shown at right extremely useful. The top is made of heavy gauge steel permanently bonded to a plywood base. Fits any type drill press. Comes complete with anchor studs, threaded bushings, irregular shaping pin and special pivoting fence with wing nut clamp. Provides a large, flat working surface for all operations.

The new type slip-stream deflectors above are said to keep the car’s windshield clear of all foreign substances. Fastened in front of the windshield, they turn the airstream and dirt aside.

A two-faced clock for desks, tables and between twin beds is the latest thing.

The garbage and waste disposal problem can now be solved by every home owner with the aid of the gadget pictured at right. This unit can be installed in any type of sink and will pulverize waste matter before flushing it down the drain.

Although the gas shortage is apparently over, the price of gasoline remains high, and motorists will want to drive as economically as possible this winter. Those contemplating a new car will be interested in the new light sedan just placed on the market, and illustrated at left. Consuming two-thirds less gasoline than the average small car, it delivers up to 50 miles per gallon of gas. The body of the car is all steel, with a steel “turret top.” It has ample leg-room, and rides very comfortably. The model stretched out alongside gives an idea of the car’s size.

Service stations may soon take on an additional duty with the introduction of a newly patented flying automobile. The novel vehicle is primarily intended for land travel and has the appearance of a conventional car, but it is adapted to function as an airplane with a minimum of additional equipment which can be attached by a service station attendant. So far as possible the standard power and control elements of the automobile are adapted for use with the vehicle in flight. The flight surfaces are designed to be added as a unit, so that the owner of the motor car may drive up to a flight service center, attach the flying unit to his car, take off and fly to another landing field where the flying unit may be detached and used on another automobile. One important application of the invention is said to be in military operations for transporting troops by air and by ground. This would increase the mobility of mechanized units.

Bathing beauties have a new accessory to add charm with the introduction of a novel type of bathing cap. Instead of the old flat and smooth type of cap used heretofore, a woman may now wear a cap to which is attached a wig in the form of a well dressed head of hair. The wig is of molded rubber and is not affected by water. An inner head holding portion serves to maintain the cap on the head. The inner part and the outer part form a closed space which can be inflated with air to fill out the shape of the wig.

A double function barber’s apron serves not only to catch falling hair, but also to protect the clothes of the customer while being given a shampoo. The apron is in the form of a circular doughnut shaped ring and is made of oil silk to render it water-proof. Being washable, it may be kept clean and sanitary.

A new bird-shaped exerciser is claimed to be valuable for strengthening the muscles of the arms, legs, chest and back. The device includes a series of feathering wing sections attached to arm-holding units. When the wings are swung upwardly the sections are open; while the feathers close with the downward motion to give a maximum of lift. The wing motion gives a sense of buoyance and tends to develop a personal sense of poise and balance according to the inventor. This function is stated to be of value in the training of aviators.

Persons who must use a telephone and use both hands at the same time may find a new telephone support of interest. The support is shaped to hold the telephone on the shoulder by pressure from the side of the head. The holder is made of sponge rubber, soft rubber, or felt. A roughened shoulder holding part assists in preventing slipping.

-Morton Leese.

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  1. Stephen Edwards says: January 16, 20124:28 pm

    “The model stretched out alongside gives an idea of the car’s size.” Uh-huh. That’s the only reason she’s there.

  2. G. L. Tyrebyter says: January 16, 201211:54 pm

    Seems the only thing that caught on was the telephone handset holder.

  3. G. L. Tyrebyter says: January 17, 201212:02 am

    On the two sided clock, the “mirror image” of the other side of the clock is backwards. The photo retoucher forgot to reverse the image.

  4. G. L. Tyrebyter says: January 17, 201212:05 am

    Never mind, I saw I was wrong on the clock, the position of the hour and minute hands are similar.

  5. Charlene says: January 17, 20128:20 am

    @G.L. Tyrebyter: The garburator has also caught on in a big way, to put it mildly.

    Hm. I just checked the spelling on that word and Wiktionary says it’s only used in Canada. Maybe it’s only caught on in a big way here?

  6. Stephen Edwards says: January 17, 20128:29 am

    We ‘mercins call them garbage disposals, and they’re quite popular, but are (have been?) illegal in New York City because we have an antique, perpetually overloaded shared storm drain/sanitary sewage system. They’re used widely elsewhere, although I don’t see how they solve the garbage and waste disposal problem because they can’t handle disposing of, say, furniture.

  7. Nomen Nescio says: January 17, 20122:06 pm

    i see those garbage chippers for sale in home improvement stores routinely around where i live (midwestern USA), but oddly i’ve never lived anywhere that had one installed. i doubt i’d know what to do with one if i had one.

  8. Flying automobil | Trueconviction says: January 17, 20126:08 pm


  9. Andrew Glass says: January 23, 20121:18 pm

    Please contact me about the procedure for reproducing Modern Mechanixs photos.
    Thank you

  10. Gary James says: February 6, 20123:54 pm

    Garburator is just a brand name of garbage disposal, and many people call the appliance “Garburator”.

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