New PUZZLE TRICK Taxes Dexterity (Jan, 1933)

New PUZZLE TRICK Taxes Dexterity

IF YOU are an ambitious home shop fan, desirous of turning bits of time and materials into cash, this grooved puzzle will fill the bill. It consists of a disc of wood with three grooves of varying diameters, and a center compartment. Somewhere in these recesses are three 5/16″ steel balls. The whole top is covered with a sheet of celluloid.

Hand the trick to a friend and ask him to place one ball in each compartment. With a little patience he will accomplish the stunt. Now ask him to return the three balls to the center compartment. It is at this point that the real fun begins.

Turn the disc in the manner shown, making the grooves 3/8″ wide and of the same depth. The bottoms of the grooves should be flat to facilitate cutting doors through the three walls. This can be done with a sharp chisel or a small routing chisel used in the drill press.

Use thick celluloid cut slightly oversize, then undercut a shoulder, as indicated, and finally work the edges under this shoulder. This should be done after the piece is finished, even to filling with a good wood filler, and burnishing. Next, run clear lacquer over the edges of the wood disc, and around the edge of the celluloid. When the lacquer dries, it will cement the celluloid firmly in place.

This puzzle trick makes a swell amusement game for parties. Start each person with the balls in separate compartments. The first to place the balls in the center is declared winner.

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  1. Stephen says: December 4, 20125:02 am

    I had this as a child, in plastic, exactly the same otherwise. I never came close to solving it – until I cheated and put a magnet behind the case.

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