New Rifle Shoots Beam of Light (Feb, 1934)

New Rifle Shoots Beam of Light

AN INVENTION of considerable interest to rifle enthusiasts is the “Shadolite” gun. Without ammunition of any kind, this new gun registers bull’s-eyes and misses just as does an ordinary rifle.

A powerful flashlight mounted inside a nine gauge shotgun flashes a beam of light at the target for any set interval of time ranging from zero to 30 seconds. A photoelectric cell mounted behind a hole in the center of the target causes a relay to operate when the rifle is correctly aimed, thereby lighting a signal lamp. The aim of the gun may be corrected within the time length of the bullet beam.

  1. mike brisendine says: June 18, 20084:53 am

    Laser Tags humble beginnings?

  2. nlpnt says: June 18, 20085:24 am

    I was thinking of the gun from “Duck Hunt” on the NES…

  3. jayessell says: June 18, 20085:45 am

    I think Mike is closer.
    The NES gun is a photodetector, like a primitive computer pen.

  4. slim says: June 18, 200812:01 pm

    And so, thousands of penny arcade machines were born.

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