New Sky-Writing Gun Flashes Advertisements on Clouds (Mar, 1930)

New Sky-Writing Gun Flashes Advertisements on Clouds

Advertisements written on the clouds in letters 50 feet high is the latest publicity novelty, made possible by the invention of a sky-writing “gun” which directs the rays of a three million candlepower searchlight through a perforated metal slide, much like a magic lantern on a huge scale. The photo above shows Walter A. Meares demonstrating the gun, and the drawing shows how it operates. Smoke bombs manufacture clouds.

  1. fluffy says: October 7, 201112:15 pm

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  2. LightningRose says: October 8, 20118:18 am

    If only we could adapt this technology to summon a super hero in times of need…

  3. MikeBurdoo says: October 8, 20116:24 pm

    I wonder what the neighborhood thinks of setting off smoke bombs, and what the fire department thinks of the ensuing phone calls.

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