New Sport Binoculars Worn Over Eyes Like Spectacles (Apr, 1932)

New Sport Binoculars Worn Over Eyes Like Spectacles

ANNOUNCERS at football and baseball games have long been in need of some instrument to give them a closer view of the playing field, and manufacturers have come to their rescue with a pair of binoculars which are adjusted to the eyes like ordinary spectacles.

A special head band keeps them in place during the game, as illustrated in the accompanying photo. When the observer wishes to rest his eyes for a moment and get back to normal vision, the glasses can be raised and rested on the forehead.

  1. Firebrand38 says: May 8, 20084:08 am

    A better caption would be, “People of Earth, resistance is futile!”

  2. Neil Russell says: May 8, 20088:03 am

    I guess the Percy Dovetonsils look faded before the advent of television in pro sports

  3. sporkinum says: May 8, 20081:24 pm

    Looks like Penn Gillette to me…

  4. mike brisendine says: May 8, 20082:13 pm

    Here’s an interesting device along the lines of the sport binocular. I recently saw a demonstration of this device called the “Jordy” and was very impressed. http://www.enhancedvisi…
    The “Jordy” may look a bit silly but to someone with low vision it’s truly a miracle.

  5. Tõnu says: May 8, 20087:37 pm

    Takeshi Kitano was an early adaptor:…

  6. Promo says: May 8, 20087:51 pm

    Wasn’t that guy in a Harry Potter movie?

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