New Stop Signal for Police Cars (May, 1932)

New Stop Signal for Police Cars

STATE police in Michigan have adopted a new departure in stop signals to supplant the familiar flashlight command when halting a motorist on the road.

The scheme makes use of a regulation automobile headlight mounted on the right front fender of the police car. The lens is lettered with command to “stop,” as shown in the photo. In operation the police car drives up beside the culprit motorist and switches on the signal, thus commanding by light.

  1. Hirudinea says: July 12, 20122:38 pm

    Didn’t cop cars have cherries on the top in the 30’s?

  2. Toronto says: July 12, 20127:31 pm

    Looks like they weren’t common on top until the 1940s. They did have sirens though.

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