New Style “Traveling Grandstand” Seats for Crew Races (Aug, 1930)

New Style “Traveling Grandstand” Seats for Crew Races

DUE to the unusually large crowd which reserved “grandstand seats” for the Harvard-Yale crew races this summer, the New Haven railroad was compelled to exert its ingenuity to devise a “traveling grandstand” which would provide 800 extra seats. Four tiers of benches with backs were built into circus seat sections on the ground. These sections were mounted onto 36 steel gondola cars which were provided with awnings supported by frames of steel tubing.

Starting with the two-mile freshman contest, the sightseeing train follows the various races from start to finish; the varsity race over a four-mile course being the climax of the day.

  1. Toronto says: June 12, 20121:40 pm

    Did they move them along the course in time with the rowers? Because that would have been very cool indeed.

  2. Hirudinea says: June 12, 20124:25 pm

    @ Toronto – From what the article said I’ed guess they did follow the race, its a good idea really, if of course you have railway track along the watercourse.

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