New Toys for Junior (Jul, 1950)

New Toys for Junior

Atomic Lab Set. shown at the American Toy Fair in New York, has cloud chamber that makes visible the paths taken by speeding alpha particles, a Geiger counter, and a screen that shows the break-up of radio-active material. A. C. Gilbert Co., of New Haven, Conn.

Fly a Plane-Kite and have fun. The red Bakelite plastic plane has revolving wings which lift it in even a slight wind and buzz as if motor-propelled. It can be cast off from a standing position and hauled in with rod and reel. Skycraft, 1340 Canal, Long Beach, Cal.

Flyboy scale model plane was also on display at the recent toy fair. This young fellow is thrilled by its realistic performance. The plane can take off at a finger’s flip, cruise around the room, bank, make turns and come in for a perfect landing every time. It runs on a battery.

Tiny Electric Organ is a true musical instrument with 25 piano keys. It’s practical for adults as well as the kiddies who want to learn to play, Made of plastic, it weighs only seven pounds, sounds like its big brothers. Magnus Harmonica Corp., Newark, N. J.

  1. Kosher Ham says: February 8, 201112:30 pm

    I’m waiting for junior to build a working atomic reactor with that toy.

    When I turned 3, I got a toy piano; my piano even had working black keys! (I guess I didn’t rate an organ.)

  2. Mike says: February 8, 201112:53 pm

    Are you saying the black keys usually don’t work? Geez that is racist! 😉

  3. Bruce T. says: February 8, 20115:04 pm

    The so-called “radioactive Boy Scout” tried to do just that.…

  4. Toronto says: February 8, 201110:00 pm

    Oh, for heaven’s sake – it’s a bubble chamber or a cloud chamber with a few weak radioactive sources and some literature about getting more. The World Book Encyclopaedia had a how-to for making your own (if I recall, it was Mason Jar based.)

    A.C. Gilbert should have been put in charge of NASA. We’d all be on Mars now. (Sure, it’s cold, but there’s no bloody slush!)

    PS: All the other toys on this page are crap. A Bakelite kite-plane?)

  5. Firebrand38 says: February 8, 201110:31 pm

    Toronto: Funny you should mention that…
    and here as well http://w4.lns.cornell.e… which is listed as a resource for earning a Nuclear Science merit badge

  6. Kosher Ham says: February 9, 20111:23 pm

    Some of the toy pianos merely had the black keys (technically, sharps) painted on the white keys or naturals. You could only play in the key of C.

    As for plastic airplanes, well that is the state of the art. (Composites.)

  7. jayessell says: February 9, 20114:49 pm

    The Kite Plane looks like the FanWing planes mentioned earlier.

    The ‘Flyboy’ toy looks kike a scaled down fairground ride.
    What child wouldn’t want to pretend to be a Carney?

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