Wow, I think this car marks the point when the “trunk” of a car ceased to be literally a trunk attached to the rear.


AMONG the models seen in the great automobile show at Olympia, England, was a Jowett fabric sedan. This car, as seen in the photo below, is completely covered with Jowett fabric.

Instead of equipping the car with a trunk rack and trunk, the luggage space was built within the body. The panel, in the back of the body, lifts out and upward on hinges. The opening thus exposed is large enough to hold a man and not unnecessarily crowd him.

The English motor car indicates the trend of European design.

  1. Toronto says: July 13, 200911:41 pm

    I always thought that rating a car trunk by the number of bodies it would hold was a New Jersey thing, not English.

  2. Al Bear says: July 14, 20092:13 am

    An enclosed trunk within the car’s body? that’s crazytalk!

  3. nlpnt says: July 18, 200910:38 pm

    “Jowett”, incidentally, is the make of car, not the fabric (which is probably ICI “Rexine”, a pre-vinyl imitation leather)…

  4. Sue Mason says: July 19, 20094:43 pm

    Maybe you would like to see what Jowetts are up to today. The oldest single marque car club, IN THE WORLD, has members with cars in USA, Australia, NZ, S America, as well as Europe and of course UK.
    If you visit the website, http://www.jowettnorthw… and follow the signs to the blog, you can read all about some of the most recent events attended by owners of these wonderful cars.

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