New TV Projector (Aug, 1950)

New TV Projector shown at a recent British exhibition, allows viewer to regulate size of screen image, as in the photos of girl below. The projector consists of a set of lenses and adjustable mirrors. It uses a two-and-a-half inch tube instead of the usual 12-inch type. The two tubes are set up at lower right for comparison.

  1. Toronto says: May 5, 20107:48 pm

    Who is that woman? She sure looks familiar.

  2. John Savard says: May 6, 201011:46 am

    I thought the picture resembled a famous pose of Ingrid Bergman’s, myself.

  3. Toronto says: May 6, 20101:18 pm

    I believe you’re right, John. She looks a lot older than she did in ’42.

  4. Firebrand38 says: May 6, 20103:38 pm

    John Savard: You’ll have to provide a link to that famous pose because I don’t think it looks like Ingrid Bergman

  5. jayessell says: May 6, 20104:33 pm

    Wasn’t there a projection TV tube based on the Newtonian telescope? Schmidt optics?

    The illustration? Not so much.

    Wouldn’t a larger tube work better?

  6. jayessell says: May 6, 20105:01 pm

    Britain = British actress.

    Valerie French?

    Born 1928.

    Co Starred with Gene Barry in The 27th Day (1957)?


    At YouTube there are several clips of early British Television shows.

    Search APTS.

  7. Firebrand38 says: May 6, 20105:13 pm

    jayessell: Doubtful. Her first film wasn’t until 1954…
    She didn’t appear on the stage until 1951 http://www.filmreferenc…

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