New Type of Taxicab in Service (Feb, 1930)

That’s an interesting place to put the engine…

New Type of Taxicab in Service

QUITE an aid for congested districts is this German three-wheeled taxicab, recently exhibited in motor shows in Europe. The cab is very easy to handle in traffic.

  1. Hirudinea says: June 19, 20123:19 pm

    And here I thought the Indians invented this.

  2. Stephen says: June 20, 20125:36 am

    If the engine is actually attached to the front wheel, then steering means turning the engine, which is a spectacularly bad idea. The first ever powered vehicle in history, Cugnot’s steam driven “fardier”, had the engine and boiler mounted over the front wheel in exactly this way. As a result it was almost uncontrollable, and its first journey ended by driving through and knocking down a wall.

  3. Toronto says: June 20, 20127:21 am

    I’ve driven old Solex mopeds that were configured that way, and they didn’t handle all that badly. They were smelly and noisy and the friction dirve ate the front tire, but they were not difficult to steer.

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