New V-Shaped Bed Cradles Body for More Restful Sleep (Jan, 1932)

New V-Shaped Bed Cradles Body for More Restful Sleep
A V-SHAPED bed recently invented supports the body perfectly at every point and thus promotes better rest. When unused the bed is straight like every other bed. However, one pull on a chain at the side of the bed immediately changes it to a V-shape. Another advantage claimed for the bed is that the covers are held substantially away from the person, thereby allowing the free circulation of air to the body.

  1. glindsey says: January 14, 20089:48 am

    I suppose the two-person version would look like a ‘W’… although perhaps pulling a chain could convert it to a ‘V’, for those more, ahem, “intimate” times.

  2. Firebrand38 says: January 14, 20083:20 pm

    I wanna know what Sleep Number that is!

  3. docca says: January 17, 20086:07 pm

    Reminds me of my teen years: a mattress so worn out, and a bed so rickety that actually looked like a “V”. You could literally sink in it 🙂

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