New Water Power Generator Floats on Stream Surface (Jan, 1930)

New Water Power Generator Floats on Stream Surface

FRANK L. GAEDE is credited by engineers with an invention that may revolutionize the water power industry. Power is generated by flowing rather than falling water. The mechanism is an endless chain of troughs or buckets propelled by the current of the stream and operating generators in sections of the floating power house.

  1. JW says: November 24, 20109:53 am

    This idea is much, much older:

  2. sunwukong says: November 25, 201012:08 pm

    This is a varriation on a pallet chain pump used in reverse.
    I have developed the idea a little and planned to build a prototype.
    This may be a way to tear down those ugly dams and get back to nature.

  3. Jari says: November 25, 20104:37 pm

    Sunwukong: Not really. That’s just unnecessary complicated and over-elaborate version of undershoot waterwheel. There’s really no need for two extra wheels and connecting chains. They just add complexity and produce extra friction, reducing efficiency. Also undershoot waterwheel is the most inefficient version of waterwheels, as there’s no head. Overshot water wheels can have efficiencies ~60%. As Francis-, Kaplan- and Pelton-turbines have efficiencies over 90%, I really don’t see dams to be dismantled anytime soon. Unless your purpose is to produce just a few KW (max) of power.

  4. sunwukong says: November 25, 20105:31 pm

    OK at say 40% efficency I can set up five of these one right after another in the space of 100 yards. I agree the middle idler wheel is not needed. The connecting chain is however essential (google pallet chain pump) and see what you find. If you use square paletts instead of the buckets and run the pallets in a defined channel with walls, screen off the intake you will not have a high dam that fish can not traverse and you can pull power from the river even at low water velocities. I live near boundary dam (seattle city lights) I am going to build a model of this idea and see if it is workable.

  5. Scott B. says: November 27, 201010:11 am

    More power to ya, Sunwukong! 🙂

  6. Jari says: November 27, 20101:53 pm

    Sunwukong: I did google that. They are essentially bucket elevators for lifting irrigation water driven by the waterwheel. There’s no need to have more than one paddle submerged at a time given that surface area is the same than chained “multi-paddle”. I trust that you’ll google Low head hydro power, there’s some interesting links. I still say, than ordinary undershoot water wheel works better 😉 But anyway, keep us posted, how your model worked.

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