NEW WAY TO SMOKE (May, 1935)

IMAGINE this! You take a beautiful case from your vest pocket! Automatically a cigarette and a flame appear. You puff . . . and a LIGHTED, ready-to-smoke cigarette is delivered right between your lips. Smokers crowd ’round
when you use it . . . they gaze in wonder . . . everyone of them wants a Magic Case. Just use a Magic Case half a dozen times a day and you will get a money-making thrill such as you never had before. You can hand out Magic Cases almost as fast as you can take in the money.
Make up to $16 a Day!
You never saw anything like the Magic Case before in your life. It’s got Novelty,
Practical Utility, Universal Demand. Let me send one to you for 15 days’ trial at my risk. Just use it . . show it . . . watch smokers reach for it . . . eager to buy. Agents are coining money fast. You can, too. Write quick.
MAGIC CASE MFRS., Dept. E-3549
4234 Cozens Ave. ST. LOUIS, MO.

  1. John Campos says: July 20, 20083:22 pm

    I actually have one of these it cost me a lot and i need a replacement screw and spring kind of like zippo I’m going to try to buy a zippo and see it their parts work, Its a really neat little invention

  2. Megan Hoffmann says: August 31, 20088:46 am

    Hi John,
    I just bought one of these too. I think its the coolest thing. What did u pick yours up for, Im just trying to figure out the value? This is the only page i have been able to find that says anything about the little contraption. If you have any information about it, that would be appreciated.
    Thanks Megan

  3. John says: September 3, 20087:23 pm

    Actually I picked mine up on ebay, I’m not a collector or anything but i just thought it was really neat, in fact i dont even smoke that much, but if i did i wanted to do it in style. I got mine for 65 bucks i think it was good deal, so where did you get yours at?

  4. Keith says: January 24, 20092:43 pm

    I’ve an original 1935 one still in box, never been used still has the instructions, left to me by my granfather. If your interested or can point me in the right direction of anyone who might be looking for one, please get in touch.

  5. John says: January 24, 20095:54 pm

    I have one and i wouldn’t mind having another one, if you want to want to make a deal that would be cool

    [email protected]

  6. David Paul says: May 12, 20099:51 am

    I was so glad to find this site! I just found one of these in great working condition, picked it up for 20 bucks at a local estate sale thought it was too good a deal to pass by, would love to find an actual value! (Not that I want to sale it) !

  7. melvin says: September 12, 20099:19 pm

    Howdy,I think I have a box for one of these neat gadgets but not positive,would love to find out,anyone have a picture of what the box looks like or can someone describe pretty close in detail.My box says A Touch – A Puff and thats enough,below that theres magic case manufacturers saint louis,any help appreciated Thanks Melvin

  8. david white says: November 4, 200912:34 pm

    I have boxed one in near new, and have pictures please email< I will be selling it on Ebay shortly.

  9. Patrick Ward says: May 9, 20105:28 pm

    I have one of these cases. It has been stored at least 50 yrs. The lighter is stuck, I did not try to force it open. It is for sale, I just do not know the value of it. Other than the lighter problem it is in excellent condition.

  10. Sharon Lamb says: July 2, 201110:51 pm

    I have one for sale if anyone is interested.
    In it’s original box and has original instructions

  11. Mary Jane Reynolds says: December 17, 20112:35 pm

    I have one that was the first present a. new suitor gave me in 1937 when I was 21. I had recently lost my hand in a car accident and it was such thoughtful gift. It worked like a charm, but was a little noisy as I found out when I tried using in class in graduate school Smoking was allowed but quietly.

  12. Mike says: December 17, 20118:03 pm

    Mary. In 1937 you were 21? That would make you 95 now and visiting odd sites on the internet. Impressive.

  13. Anton says: December 17, 201110:17 pm

    Mike, Do you consider this to be one of the “odd sites” on the internet? Old issues of Modern Mechanix and related historical popular publications?

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