New York City Estate Includes a Tiny Triangle of Land (Mar, 1930)

The triangle is still there by the way, visible at the entrance to the Cigar Store.  From New York Daily Photo: “This tiny piece of land is the result of a dispute between a former owner, the David Hess estate, of Philadelphia and NYC. Hess owned the Voorhis apartment building at that corner which had been condemned to build a subway line. The estate refused to surrender a remaining triangle, 500 square inches, the smallest piece of private property in the city. In 1938 they sold the plot to Village Cigars for $1,000.”

New York City Estate Includes a Tiny Triangle of Land
THE smallest piece of real estate upon which taxes are paid in New York City is the Greenwich village curiosity left in a sidewalk and pictured at the right. Compare the size of this bit of property to the hand pointing it out. Property of the Hess estate on Sheridan square, this little triangle remained after the Seventh Avenue improvements and subway extension work was done. The estate hasn’t sold the plot to the chain cigar store which owns the property adjoining the sidewalk in which the Hess property is retained.

  1. Hirudinea says: March 7, 20127:53 am

    Today theres a 12 storey apartment on that spot. 🙂

  2. Toronto says: March 7, 201210:16 am

    Well sure. They couldn’t put an office tower their: not enough corner offices. (I’m looking at a modified octagon building right now. It has extra “corners” in the middle of each major side.

    Hey! The north side 12th floor center office has a foosball table!

  3. EMF says: March 8, 20127:21 am

    Nice little article here: http://www.roadsideamer…
    I haven’t been to the Village in a while, but apparently the triangle is still there. I’ll make it a point to go and look one day.

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