New York’s Handsomest Men Say: “For a thorough and safer cleansing, Listerine Tooth Paste every time!” (Jan, 1937)

Somehow telling me I’m getting a quarter pound of tooth paste makes me want it less, not more.

New York’s Handsomest Men Say: “For a thorough and safer cleansing, Listerine Tooth Paste every time!”

That’s straight from the shoulder advice from the hardest boiled critics of tooth paste — the men who every day must face the merciless eye of the camera in New York commercial studios. Men like Glen Gallagher, William Crabb, Harry Conover, whose very livelihood depends largely on the perfection of their teeth, cannot afford to take chances with ordinary tooth paste.

Why not for you?

Why don’t you discard the tooth paste you are now using and switch to Listerine Tooth Paste for a while? You may be amazed at the improvement in the looks of your teeth.

There are no coarse, hard abrasives in Listerine Tooth Paste.

Instead there is an exclusive combination of cleansers chosen for their extreme gentleness. While they remove every vestige of debris on the teeth, they cannot harm the priceless enamel itself. Examined under the microscope, teeth brushed twice a day for the equivalent of a lifetime, showed no harm to the enamel.

Gentle polishing, too The ingredient in Listerine Tooth Paste that gives teeth such brilliance and lustre is so delicate, so fine, that only three places in the world can produce a product that will meet our specifications.

When you Brush your teeth with Listerine Tooth Paste you know that you are getting the utmost in cleansing with the greatest degree of safety. There are two sizes: Regular 25c and the great big tube at 40c, with more than 1/4 pound of tooth paste.


  1. Charlene says: November 17, 200811:36 am

    The ad makes them sound as if they’re gigolos.

    Harry Conover ended up running a well-known New York model agency.

  2. Mike says: November 17, 20082:02 pm

    What do the ugly guys brush their teeth with?

  3. Sean O'Brien says: November 18, 20086:26 pm

    It’s great when you can advertise your toothpaste as “safer”.

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