Newest Devices for General Use (Jun, 1935)

Newest Devices for General Use

Chimes for Door
• REPLACE the grouchy door bell or buzzer with this sweet-toned double chime; and it will put you in a good humor. Easy to install.

Decorative Bottle
• HAVING made an attractive bottle, the ink maker thought it should not be wasted; so will supply ornamental accessories for a trifle extra. The bottle is warranted to wash clean.

Display Window Can
• WITH the same glass used to cast the 200-inch telescope mirror, the manufacturer has produced special cans to show the enclosed product in its true size and color. It has proved a good sales argument, as a sampler.

Electric Water Heater
• STARTING to produce a vaporizer for exterminating and steaming purposes, a manufacturer produces this. The swinging plates regulate the heat to any desired degree. It will serve for humidifying and deodorizing. Cuts off automatically when dry. Useful for thawing pipes, etc. The inner arrangement is shown.

Pocket Lamp
• SMALL and compact, so that it may be easily stowed away, is this useful little night light. It is stamped into a basket finish, in brass or nickel-plated; and is quite attractive. Very inexpensive, durable and easily refilled.

Night Desk Pad
• HE that hath light will not be at a loss to jot down that number, or what have you? A paper manufacturer introduces this useful little desk or table novelty. Comes in several finishes.

Individual Coffee
• A CUP of drip coffee? Don’t make a potful. This little percolator will supply you, or make tea as well. Takes but a minute.

Combination Trap
• USEFUL in the best-regulated households. Safe and sanitary.

Ice Cracker
• IT is no longer necessary to envy the chef, purveyor or mixologist who has all
kinds of cracked ice handy. This little implement rapidly reduces the contents of the domestic ice tray to jewelry. You cannot break the glass— the guard protects it against the points and the chips do not fly.

Kar Komfort
• MOTORISTS in cold weather found a double purpose in this simple apparatus. As shown, it would keep frost off the windshield or, if turned downwards, it would warm the feet of the occupants. Uses no electricity.

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  1. Jari says: May 19, 201110:10 am

    Next time when I’ll go to the bar, I have to remember calling the bartender a mixologist.

    If you remember to leave a little of the ink in the bottle, you can easily make some Blue Hawaii’s.

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