Newest Devices of Many Uses (Jan, 1934)

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Newest Devices of Many Uses

Pneumatic Globe
• AN ingenious countryman of Columbus invented the handy device illustrated. A cloth surface carries a fairly detailed view of the earth’s surface, on a small scale. A rubber balloon within can be quickly blown up, and again deflated. A portable scale is furnished.

Waterproof Case
• ONE can take valuables into the water safely in this light metal container. The inner box holds, as shown, smokes, jewelry, and other personal property; the whole fits into a pocket or belt without trouble. It is a Hungarian invention, patented here, though arrangements for its marketing are yet to be made.

Portable Drier
• LIGHT housekeepers, and those who have journeys to make, will appreciate this new convenience, which dries quickly any light articles of clothing, without exposing them to undue heat. It is especially useful to those who have the care of a baby. The metal rack adjusts to a convenient height.

Ultra-Violet Health Lamp is Easy to Install
• IN this type of lamp, just brought out, simplicity is obtained. The lamp screws into a standard fixture, which must, however, be connected to an outlet through a low-voltage transformer. The radiation is given off by ionized mercury vapor between the two filaments. Two types of lamps give different outputs.

Medical Atomizer
• IN the season of tender throats and noses, this device will find frequent use. It can be carried in the pocket. A fine spray of any of the medicaments is thrown on the mucous membrane by simple breathing.

Shock-Proof Caster
• THE inventor of this, we suppose, lives where a lot of trucks go by. Be- tween the metal top socket and the base there is an inch of spongy rubber; cushioning a table, china closet, stand, radio set, chair or bed against shocks through the building. The makers compare it to balloon tires.

Elastic Shoe Laces
• YEARS ago, shoes with elastic fronts were very popular; they were easy on the feet, and slipped on and off. These new shoe laces are intended to obtain the same result, while retaining a dressy appearance. When shoes are laced with this, future tying and untying is unnecessary.

Copper Barrel Mug
• THESE very neat copper mugs are attractive in design. In their manufacture, the copper blank is drawn and pressed into the shape of the lower half of a barrel; and the top half is then “spun.” After this, the mug is sanded within and polished without. The handle is riveted on, and polished; and the metal lacquered to protect it against acidity of the contents. It remains thus bright and free from stain by use.

Heat Controller
• THIS new thermostat is built around a bimetal snap switch, which breaks a considerable current. It therefore needs no relay. Will control furnaces, blowers, aquaria, etc.

Odd Novelties
• RIGHT, above, an English novelty alleged to aid pedestrianism. Center, an accordion feet high, weighing 175 pounds, with 1,300 stops. Below, an old idea revived.

  1. Hirudinea says: March 18, 201111:35 am

    That five foot accordion isn’t an invention, its a crime against humanity! 🙂

  2. katey says: March 18, 20118:56 pm

    I love how cigarettes are the first (most important?) thing listed for the waterproof case.

  3. Stephen says: March 19, 20117:06 am

    Coat the inside of the ultra-violet lamp with phosphors, and you have a modern fluorescent lamp.

  4. Timaay says: March 19, 20116:54 pm

    Who needs to carry a globe in their pocket?

  5. Charlene says: March 21, 20115:58 pm

    Timaay, Atlas needs to take a vacation sometimes too!

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