Newest Household Devices (Sep, 1933)

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Newest Household Devices

MOTOR IN MIXER’S BASE. Danger of oil getting into the food is eliminated by placing the motor in the base. A condenser is installed in the base to prevent the mixer from causing radio interference

SAVES SOAP A rubber suction cup holds upright the metal feet of this soap holder. When attached to tub or basin, it permits the water to drip off, thus preventing waste

NEW OPENER To remove a jar top with this metal opener, just turn the handle. The flanges adjust themselves to grip the top. The strong leverage enables one to start a refractory top with little effort

NO HANDS ON CLOCK In the windows of this electric clock, appear large figures to give the time of day in hours and minutes. A hidden light illuminates the numerals so the time can easily be read in the dark

GUARDS FOOD FLAVOR Odors in the refrigerator are controlled by this little device. It is hung or stood in the ice chest and prevents transfer of odor between foods

NO TRAILING LIGHT CORDS. With the metal material shown at right, unsightly exposed electric wiring is done away with. All extension wires are safely and artistically enclosed

CABINET FASTENS TO DOOR. This home convenience is easily attached to any standard door. It opens when one side is pulled out and then revolves upon itself so it is out of the way when either closed or open. It adds to the available closet room with no inconvenience

TOOTHPASTE TUBES CLOSED The cap, seen at left, is designed to fit tubes, bottles and cans containing toothpaste, shaving soap and similar products. A twist opens or closes the hole in the cap

TURNING A BATH TUB INTO A SHOWER. A new miniature shower is attached to the inside rim of the bath tub and connected to the faucet. When the water is turned on, the tubing throws a spray over bather’s shoulders

CREAM FLOWS FREELY. In the bottle, illustrated below, there is a v-shaped depression in the side, that forms a partial obstruction. When the bottle is tilted for the purpose of pouring off the cream, this inner ridge holds the milk back and the cream will then flow freely, unmixed with the milk that is beneath it

SHIELDS ELECTRICIAN Danger of injury by the whirling blades of an electric fan is eliminated by the screen of fine mesh that is built around the blades of the new type of fan illustrated above. A lever at the back of the cabinet controls a mechanism that causes the fan to oscillate if desired

TAKES STRING FROM BEANS. When a bean is drawn through this device, below, it is not only sliced into strips but the string is removed. A blade cuts off bean’s end

DUTCH OVEN FOR EASY COOKING. Food placed in this Dutch oven, and the lid tightly closed, is cooked with no loss of its original flavors or juices, it is said

CHINA DOG FOR ELECTRIC OUTLET Three appliances can be attached to the unbreakable china dog seen above, thus doing away with the double plugs generally used

BOILS WATER QUICKLY. A hollow chamber in the center of the kettle, left, has an outlet pipe so the heat can rise and be distributed to all sides of the water at once, thus heating it with great rapidity

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