Newest Type Of Army Gas Mask (Aug, 1941)

Newest Type Of Army Gas Mask

THIS mask is the army’s latest type. Among its features are optically ground, neutral eye pieces that permit its wearer to use delicate precision instruments, and its ability to permit conversation, a practice that is impossible with older type masks. The purification cannister is worn on the shoulders, permitting additional freedom of movement.

  1. Roflcopter says: March 7, 20084:55 am

    TeenageMutantHeroBeagle… DeathSquad…from Hell… X… somehow ^^

  2. Stannous says: March 7, 200810:22 pm

    Inspector Basset?

  3. KHarn says: March 9, 20087:47 am

    “Klatu, barada, nikto!”

  4. Tierlieb says: March 9, 20082:12 pm

    Hmm. Seems like the airflow is directed to the eye pieces. Seems pretty smart to me, since it should prevent fogging of the lenses. I wonder why my modern respirator does not do that…

  5. bob says: June 30, 20085:45 am

    looks very useful and practical. there is no tube getting in the way, and the position of the tubes prevent fogging of the lenses. the only thing that i think could be improved is larger lenses.

  6. bobby says: June 24, 20093:40 pm

    aaah it looks very scary…

  7. Carson says: July 18, 20095:14 pm

    awesome, im a collector and were might one be availible?

  8. Steph says: August 18, 20093:50 pm

    Do you happen to know what kind of gas mask this is? (e.g. Isreali, American, German, etc)

  9. Firebrand38 says: August 18, 20094:06 pm

    Seeing as how the State of Israel didn’t exist in 1941 that rules them out, and the soldier modeling the mask has what appears to be “US” insignia on one collar and Chemical Corps branch insignia on his other collar I’m gonna go out on a limb and say American Army. That and an American magazine referring to “the army’s latest…” kind of provided a clue as well.

  10. Firebrand38 says: August 18, 20095:20 pm

    OK, enough is enough. Here are the details of the mask:

    TYPE: US Army MI-I-5 Optical Gas Mask
    ALIASES: Army Artillery Gas Mask, Army Tank Gas Mask
    DATE: c. 1941
    FREQUENCY: Scarce
    USAGE: United States
    FUNCTION: Military
    NOTES: During the early stages of gas mask development in 1920s, it was apparent that a gas mask for use with optical sighting devices (like scopes and binoculars) was needed. In 1941, the Army designed and standardized the Army MI-I-5 Optical Gas Mask. It was more or less identical to the Navy version (below) but the two do have some significant differences. The distance between the small round eye pieces could be adjusted via a threaded rod, accommodating a wide range of head sizes. The mask’s filter canister was suspended behind the wearer’s neck by means of a metal clip on the filter that was attached to a canvas sleeve sewn onto the head harness. Inhaled air was drawn through a horizontal slit in the filter. Today, the Army MI Optical Gas Mask is among the rarest of the WWII US gas masks. While the Army version was not made in significant numbers, the Navy Diaphragm Optical Gas Mask was manufactured and issued in quantity to soldiers aboard ships…

    Apparently only 207,544 were ever produced…

  11. sparky says: January 2, 20108:06 am

    if anyone can send me a link to were i can buy this mask, would be greatly appreciated

    [email protected]

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