Newspaper Pages Photographed to Save “Morgue” Space (Mar, 1931)

Newspaper Pages Photographed to Save “Morgue” Space

INSTEAD of filing away a copy of the newspaper every day for future reference, morgue keepers can now merely make a photograph of the sheets of the paper and file the negative of the photo away in the morgue. This is achieved by means of an extremely sensitive camera recently invented which reproduces the entire sheet on a film the size of a postage stamp, solving storage problems.

When it is desired to unearth some information from a newspaper of a back date, the morgue keeper simply takes out the film negative of that date, places it in the movie projector, which throws the entire sheet on the screen, as shown in the above photo. This method saves considerable time and space.

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  1. Toronto says: June 30, 20125:01 pm

    35mm film was “postage stamp sized”?

    I had to do research though ancient newspaper pages once via microfilm. Those particular ones were negatives.

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