An unusual automobile, now being manufactured in Colorado, has a front axle that arches completely over the engine, while the body extends the whole width of the fenders so that separate fenders outside the body are not necessary. The width of the car makes it possible for an ordinary adult person to sleep crosswise in it. The drive is on the front wheels, and the design of body, as photo shows, is ultra-modernistic.

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  1. Neil Russell says: October 28, 20075:23 pm

    Something the big auto makers wouldn’t incorporate until 1948!
    I always think of the Hudson and the Packard as the first to have the body as wide as the wheels, but here it is in all its Depression era glory.
    Wonder how many they made.

    I guess it’s those little hood vents that make it so “ultra-modernistic”

    Sleeping in the car must have been quite the attraction in those days, Nash cars came with fitted screens for the windows and mattresses rolled up in the trunk in the 30s and 40s and when the Airflyte models rolled out in 1949 they came with reclining seats. A big gas tank too so you could get from point to point without many stops, since there weren’t many stops!

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