No Gearbox, No Clutch, He Goes by Prop (Jan, 1956)

No Gearbox, No Clutch, He Goes by Prop

Overcoming “low-altitude drag” with a push propeller geared to a Ford V-8 engine, Clifford Robins pilots his homemade motor car along the roads of Yeovil, England, at a top speed of 70 m.p.h.

Robins, a grocer, used no rear-axle drive, no gearbox and no clutch. He estimates that the car cost him £200 ($560).

  1. Tim says: June 24, 201110:17 am

    And it leaves a trail of finely chopped birds, pedestrians, and housecats.

  2. Don F says: June 24, 20111:17 pm

    @Tim: As opposed to the trail of flattened birds, pedestrians, and housecats that modern cars leave . . . .

  3. carlm says: June 25, 20113:31 am

    Interesting Car
    I N T E R E S T I N G C A R ! ! !
    Never mind

  4. Roy says: July 10, 20111:55 pm

    I wonder what that would cost today?

  5. twoceevee says: July 18, 20119:03 am

    I wonder what it would cost today?

    An arm and a leg.


  6. Toronto says: July 18, 201110:09 am

    But will it blend?

  7. Jari says: July 18, 20116:42 pm

    Pocket parking that thing must have been interesting.

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