No New Posts This Week

I am travelling this week for work and will probably not get a chance to post any new articles. But unless you’re one of the dozen or so regulars who have read the site for the last 7+ years, I suggest you peruse the archives. I’ve posted almost 9000 articles over the years and a lot of the best are ones you’ve probably never seen.

You can start with the very first post in October 2005, or try reading by year. The site was just getting started in 2005 but there is some great stuff there. You can also try browsing by category; From the Archives, Just Weird and Scary are a few of my favorites.

Or browse by tag. I only started tagging posts a few years ago, so there are lot of posts that they don’t cover but you can’t go wrong with The World’s Fair,  In the Future,  Computer Ads or a collection of what Hugo Gernsback was up to 80 years ago. Personally I’m a big fan of headgear.

I’ll return to my normal posting schedule next week, but while I’m gone, I’d love to see what your personal favorite posts are in the comments.




  1. jjcarguy says: February 12, 20138:23 pm

    When I discovered your site, I went through your whole archive and read all your posts. Look in every day or two to see what’s new.
    Love your site. Keep up the great work.
    Probably the only nerd out there that took the time. Think I had your whole archive in a week or less, lol. 🙂

  2. steve says: February 13, 20135:28 am

    have a great trip. i’ve been enjoying your posts here for a couple years now. great blog!

  3. stefanfuglsang says: February 16, 201312:32 am

    Thanks for all your work with this. I have used your material to spice up otherwise boring Powepoint presentations for some years now, and hope you’ll continue this.


  4. quadibloc says: February 16, 20133:28 pm

    Instead of a link to the very first post, this is the link you should have included:


    because there’s no way to back out from a post to the page it was on.

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