Norman Rockwell says: “you can be a successful artist!” (Mar, 1950)

Why do I think that Norman Rockwell might not have been quite as invloved in this school as they make it seem?

Norman Rockwell WORLD’S MOST FAMOUS COVER ARTIST SAYS . . . “you can be a successful artist!”

Every famous artist was once an amateur. The difference between “doodling” and a well-paid art job is professional training. Now, you can get that know-how quickly, at home, in your spare time. I have worked with America’s 11 most famous artists to perfect new and faster methods of teaching you our secrets and short cuts. Get started today. Write for our big illustrated brochure. It’s FREE!


America’s 12 Most Famous Artists Teach You
Norman Rockwell • Al Parker Jon Whitcomb • Ben Stahl • Stevan Dohanos Robert Fawcett • Harold von Schmidt Peter Helck • Austin Briggs • John Atherton Fred Ludekens • Albert Dome

Institute off Commercial Art, Inc. Dept. C-12. Westport, Conn.
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